Sunday, April 27, 2014

U.S. Credit Market Recap for the Week of April 25

For the week ending April 25, U.S. credit markets saw a decrease in yields. The one-year nominal U.S. Treasury yield was unchanged at 0.11%. The 10-year and 30-year nominal Treasury yields were both slightly lower. The 10-year yield fell to 2.68% from 2.73% in the previous week. Meanwhile, the 30-year Treasury yield was also lower at 3.45% down from 3.52% in the previous week.

During the week increased risks from issues between Russia and the Ukraine pushed investors to seek shelter in U.S. Treasury safe havens, according to T. Rowe Price. Treasury prices increased and yields decreased as a result.

For the long-term market speculators expect longer-term yields to increase slightly as the Federal Reserve tapers its asset purchasing program and gets closer to an increase in the federal funds rate.

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